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Black Professional Driving Decal
Black Professional Driving Decal

Black Professional Driving Decal

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This decal represents level of education may assist with de-escalation.
The goal is to be seen as other than drug dealers and thugs. This decal force others law enforcement to see black men and women as something other than what is portrayed on/in the media.

* Products in preview are not actual size

  • The decal graphic shows on the sticky side for interior car window placement to view from the outside.
  • Front-Facing Stickers are the easiest way to make your message tamper-proof and protected from outdoor conditions.
  • This application technique can make AnnounceUrSelf.LLC decals difficult to see on tinted window.
  • The decal can be removed, but not reused.
  • Decal comes in two sizes.
  • The smaller one is three inches wide and three inches long.
  • The larger one is six inches wide and six inches long.

 HOW TO APPLY: We recommend the “dry application” method

  • CLEAN: Make sure your window is clear of dust or particles
  • APPLY: Peel your decal off the backing before you place it on the window.
  • SQUEEGEE: Use a squeegee, ruler, or other objects with a hard, flat edge to smooth out the decal. Start from the center and work out to the edges.

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