Protect your family.

About Us was created because of the Life threatening concern for People of Color who drive and travel in our country.

As a parent of African American young men, I relate to the undeniable reality of harassment, and the extreme danger People of Color experience....far too often in our country. provides messaged automotive window decals that have visual descriptions of People of Color who are contributing citizens in our country.

The idea of the decals are to remind and enlighten those who do not see beyond skin color. It is imperative that we stay safe, as we are professionals, fathers, clergy, students and frankly, fellow citizens. ultimate goal is to minimize any violent interactions when interacting with all levels of law enforcement.

Instead of constantly sitting in fear, disgust and disappointment at yet another shooting death. I choose to launched the "Mother's Against Law Enforcement Cruelty" campaign and decals.

God Bless This Company!