Protect your family.

Black Father Driving Decal
Black Father Driving Decal

Black Father Driving Decal

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This decal represents all relations within the family.
Unfortunately, many fathers, sons/grandsons, brothers, nephews etc. Have been harassed, physically abuse, verbally abuse, jailed and murdered due to a simple driving infraction turned violent.

* Products in preview are not actual size

  • The decal graphic shows on the sticky side for interior car window placement to view from the outside.
  • Front-Facing Stickers are the easiest way to make your message tamper-proof and protected from outdoor conditions.
  • This application technique can make AnnounceUrSelf.LLC decals difficult to see on tinted window.
  • The decal can be removed, but not reused.
  • Decal comes in two sizes.
  • The smaller one is three inches wide and three inches long.
  • The larger one is six inches wide and six inches long.

HOW TO APPLY: We recommend the "dry application” method

  • CLEAN: Make sure your window is clear of dust or particles
  • APPLY: Peel your decal off the backing before you place it on the window.
  • SQUEEGEE: Use a squeegee, ruler, or other objects with a hard, flat edge to smooth out the decal. Start from the center and work out to the edges.

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