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What is the best way to apply my custom window decals? 
We recommend the “dry application” method:
CLEAN: Make sure your window is clear of dust or particles.
APPLY: Peel your decal off the backing before you place it on the window.
SQUEEGEE: Use a squeegee, ruler, or other objects with a hard, flat edge to smooth out the decal. Start from the center and work out to the edges.

Can I reposition custom window decals?
Yes. To reposition your decal, just peel it off the glass and follow the steps outlined in our application guide above.

What is your return policy? Yes. If dissatisfied for any reason, original purchase can be refunded or replaced.

Will these window stickers work on non-glass surfaces?
We do not recommend it. Our window decals are designed for use on flat glass.
Do you recommend a specific application temperature range? (Great)
Yes. For the cling option, we recommend that the temperature is -10 F to 150 F. -40 F to 225 F for the adhesive vinyl. And -4F - 248F for the perforated. Application outside of the recommended range, decals will not perform as well.

Are these stickers waterproof?
Yes. These stickers get printed on waterproof plastic. We cover the printed layer with a clear gloss laminate so these stickers will resist water, oils, and other chemicals.

However, please note application instructions as glass must be clean and dry for initial placement.

Can decals be customized? Yes, we can design decal to represent your
specific profession, status in family etc. We currently have decals that illustrate (Father, Grand-Father, Off-Duty Police Officer. Firemen, Doctor etc. please review the “customized decal” section in-store)