Protect your family.

Why I started

I created AnnounceUrSelf.LLC, out of concern for my four sons that have to drive in this nation. As people of color, the misfortune of law enforcement violent interaction is undeniable (per the news and personal experience). My children and thousands like them are far more likely than others to get pulled over and harassed by persons of authority. As a mother, I recognize the danger when any of my children and other family and friends drive.

AnnounceUrSelf.LLC provides window decals with messages and visual descriptions that reflect the many facets (family orientation/professional orientation) of us.  The idea of the decal is to remind/enlighten those that do not see beyond color of skin, that we want to feel safe. And we deserve to be treated well when pulled over for any infraction.

With that said, the decals describe drivers and sends a direct message to police, sheriffs, highway patrol and others "that we are professionals, fathers, clergy, students etc." The hope and prayer is that a perceived hostile situation can be explained at a glance. I want to save lives, I want to save people from being traumatized.

The fact of the matter is, people of color are at risk of death by authority figures/law enforcement. The ultimate goal is to minimize violent interaction.

Over many decades driving while black has caused hundreds if not thousands of deaths. This is not new authority figure behavior, we know this because we live it. Moreover, internet/news has shown that people of color are mistreated by the law. Now the world knows of the black and brown experience across America. And yet, it continues. "Please support AnnounceUrSelf.LLC, while we support you." 

My sons, of which I love with all my being and the case of Philando Castile (a 32 year old black man shot is chest by law enforcement as he reached for his wallet), prompted the AnnounceUrSelf.LLC idea. 

Instead of sitting in fear, disgust and disappointment at yet another shooting death. I got proactive and launched the "Mother's Against Law Enforcement Cruelty" campaign and decals.

May, God bless this company.